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Early Cycladic Figurines from the Island of Naxos/Greece.

The Cycladic Idols are differentiated according to groups. The oldest is named after its main place of discovery on Naxos, the Grotta-Pelos-Group, presumed to be dated 3200-2700 b.C. As a rule, the discoveries come from tombs (stone box graves and chamber graves).In the Grotta Pelos Culture, the idols have a slim, stretched figure, seldom more than 30 cm high. They are based on a pro-portion­al scheme.

As far as the feminine idols are concerned, which one imagines to be lying, the arms are folded across the body, the head projecting backwards, a flat face with protruding nose, the privy parts scraped into the marble with lines.They were painted black or red. The idols were also exported in their prime time between 2700-2400 b. C.


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